Emily Wolff | The Face Behind Wolffie Photographer

I thought it was time for a proper introduction! I’m Emily!

Here’s a little bit about me! I grew up in Florida, which is where I met my husband. I was working at a movie theater when we first met. My family and I are super close, so they ended up moving to Tennessee and we followed suit! We had our first born and once he was 12 weeks old, I cried at the thought of going back to my job. I worked in insurance and LOVED it, but just couldn’t part with staying home with my newborn.

 I was taking so many photos everyday to document this stage of our lives.

I actually really enjoyed taking the photos, but it wasn’t until 2018 after my second was born that I started taking photos for other people. I did it here and there and then in December of 2019, I said I’m either getting better at this and making money or I am going to stop trying to get my name out there.

I went to workshops, invested in photography courses and really started taking pride in my work. I still take mentorships and courses and actually just finished one this week because I always have something to learn. I want to be able to serve you guys the best I can.

Mama Turned Family Photographer

I found my niche in family photography. I have two little boys, now almost 4 and 5, and I completely understand all the fears and thoughts that go into family sessions. Let me say just one thing, I’ve got it covered. Some people are worried family photos will be a horrible experience and that just makes me sad to hear. Will it be just a tad chaotic? Most likely, yes! Except, chaos brings absolutely amazing photos and are so authentic to how you interact as a family. That is what I WANT to document for you!

Life Moves So Fast, Take Time For Family Photos

I am so incredibly grateful for whoever reads this blog post. Photographs are extremely important to me and I have learned first hand the power of them and the memories they hold. I am a very real and raw person and feel as though sharing my experience is important here. This past year, my parents passed unexpectedly. I found myself relying on photos and videos of them to relive our memories together. It as really shown me more than ever how important life is, and once this time has passed by or people pass all we have are photos and memories.

Are you Overdue for Family Photos?

I am a Chattanooga lifestyle family photographer for loving families who want to feel something when looking at their photos. I would love to hangout with your family and capture memories for you. You can fill out my contact form, here, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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